House History

Wallaby Fiesta 7 Firefly Drive, Bunya Mountains is set on 2,189 square metres or 0.54 acres of land.

August 2019

We did a make over and added the following:

  • New leather couch
  • New coffee table, dining room table and TV cabinet
  • New bedside tables and lamps
  • Smart TV
  • Free WiFi
  • All new bed linen including doona’s and pillows
  • New BBQ
  • New rug
  • New washing machine
  • New crockery
  • New lampshades all in all rooms
  • Added wall hangings
  • New net sheers in the bedrooms
  • Base condiments for the pantry
  • We removed about 600 kgs of old linen, crockery and furniture
  • And a bloody good clean!

October 2019

A few more additions:

  • 3 Canvas Wallaby prints
  • New pots and pans set

February 2020

  • Added 6 new wine glasses